Welcome to Metisoft

For more than 30 years, we at Metisoft have been alongside our customers in innovation projects with solutions and services that support business processes and technological challenges.

With over 160 employees and 40 external consultants employed in 5 different offices located in northern, central and southern Italy, we support big companies, small and medium enterprises, and banking and insurance groups in IT challenges through a wide offer diversified by markets and Technologies. Our transversal skills allow us to provide system integration services in various industries in the following sectors: Manufacturing, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Banking and Insurance.

Partnerships with the major players in the ICT sector represent an important cornerstone of our business: they allow us to adopt innovative technologies and solutions based on international best practices which contribute to improving the efficiency and competitiveness of companies. We offer skills and expertise through the best platforms such as SAP, Microsoft, Dassault and Opensource technologies.



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Business Types

Integrated Solution - 54%
Application Management Services - 18%
Metisoft's Vertical Solution - 18%
Outsourcing - 10%

Our targets

Metisoft offers its big company customers a wide range of solutions and services to support them in their strategic activities, translating them into concrete IT solutions for achieving their business goals with success.

In recent years, banks and insurance companies have had to implement checks prescribed by European directivesfor countering the financing of international terrorism. In this context, Metisoft has set itself as a reference point, offering solutions which – taking into account regulatory updates and customer needs – are able to carry out checks on large data archives, ensuring high performance, reliability and the possibility of customisation.

Metisoft offers ERP and MES solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises, supporting customers in process analysis, solution design, satisfaction of infrastructural needs, training and post go-live support.


Integrated Services and Solutions

Maximum flexibility:
we made customized solutions for our clients, so that the solutions will comply perfectly with their structure and will respond to their needs.

Process Intregration:
our system integrator competences allow us to make the different processes and corporate systems communicate, in order to create structural functions, with high potential.

the experience in different businesses and product sectors, and the knowledge of the different technologies, allow us to offer a complete and punctual consultancy.

Our partners

We avail of consolidated partnership with the most important players in the ICT sector
to adopt innovative technologies and solutions, based on the international
that contribute to improve the efficiency and the competitiveness of the companies.

Our Customer

The trust placed in our company allows us to build with them long-lasting relationship.
This is one of the pillars, on which we base our consulency approach, so that the client get value from it
without upsetting its daily life and we both can achieve shared benefits.


From 2017 Metisoft is part of the Elite program of Borsa Italiana. Metisoft is among the 34 companies that joined it in 2017, the only company in the Marche region.

ELITE is an international platform of services created to support excellent companies to realize their projects of grouth and development through the sharing of experiences, access to finance and training.

The ELITE program is dedicated to the most ambitious companies, with a solid business model, a clear growth strategy and interested in learning about all the tools available to finance their future growth.

ELITE offers an innovative approach that includes the support and the stimulus to the cultural and organizational changes to grow and access to the business and financial community both domestic and international, also through a dedicated digital platform.